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tiistai 12. elokuuta 2014

Tomato-mozzarella pizza without flour

Mozzarella pizza without flour
I made pizza without flour because we wanted to avoid the extra carbohydrates.When you get spices suitable for your taste, this is like normal pizza.This pizza is completely meat free,but of course you can add meat or chicken if you want. On the finished surface of pizza I added rocket,olive oil and dark balsamico.

For the basis of pizza I sliced in butter fried zucchini. Then I flavored it with salt and black pepper.
After that I made a thick tomato puree:
  • 2 dl tomato puree
  • black pepper
  • chopped clove of carlic and
  • a pinch of salt
I spread tomato puree onto the surface of the zucchini and then added vegetables, onion, oregano and some grated cheese. Cheese is meant to bind the bottom as firmer.

After that I added mozzarella, kalamata olives and cherry tomates. Then I flavored the surface again with oregano and black pepper. Finally I baked pizza in an oven until cheese was melted.

Voilá! Delicious pizza without flour.

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