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tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Blueberry Mascarpone - layers of delicacy

In this dessert there are layers of vanilla pudding, blueberry sauce, biscuits and mascarpone-blueberrymousse. Most of all you need big and sweet bush blueberries.

This dessert is gathered into a big bowl. With this precept you can satisfy four to five gourmets.

Blueberry mascarpone

Vanilla pudding layer:

  2 dl   sugar
  3      yolks
3/4 dl   wheat flour
  2 dl   hot milk
 20 g    soft butter
  1 tbsp vanilla sugar
  1 dl   whipped cream

Whip sugar and yolks as foam.
Add wheat flour and hot milk into foam. Mix well.
Cook pudding in warm water bath as thick and smooth soup.
Move the soup to cold water bath to get it cooler.
Whip soft butter and vanilla sugar among soup.
When the soup is cooled then add whipped cream.

Blueberry mascarpone layer:

1   jar mascarpone
2   dl  cream whipped as spongy
1,5 dl  pureed blueberries and sugared according to your own taste

Now you are ready to build layers into your bowl.
Between layers and on surface add biscuits and bush blueberries by your own taste and vision.
The more blueberries the better mix of tastes you will get.

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