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lauantai 11. lokakuuta 2014

Cherry compote

Cherry compote

This cherry compote is a nice addition to desserts, crepes and cakes. It is vanilla-scented and aromatic. When I cooked this version of compote its cherry and vanilla rich scent spreaded aĺl over kitchen. It was lovely.
My next was to make a cheesecake. How delicious it would be to spread cherry compote on it. Nam!

Simply, this compote was made of:

600g cherries without stones
300g jam sugar
1 dl cherry wine
1 pc split vanilla bean

Firstly I removed stones from cherries.I tried to keep cherries in their own shape as much I could so as to compote would seem fine.
I used narrow a tip knife. It worked well when I started to remove stones from
root side of cherries. Of course you can use stone remover if you own it.

Then I put cherries, jam sugar and cherry wine into kettle.
After that I split vanilla bean and added it into soup.
Then I brewed cherries slowly as long as cherries seemed nearly translucent.
But they were still snappy. If I remember right it took about 15 minutes.

Finally I let cherry compote to get cool. I threw the split vanilla bean into compote to give taste to it.

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